Training – the big picture

Training is training, exercise is exercise.  Know the difference.  Training is purposeful exercise that gets you prepared for an event.  Each session of training should have a purpose to what you are trying to accomplish, or you should not do it.  Currently many athletes in the area of Cambridge, Maryland (and many beyond the region) have their eye on the prize of simply crossing the finish line of Eagleman 70.3 and for a select few their sights are set on a podium finish.  Get to the number 1 spot in your age group and you are Kona bound.  A podium finish at Eman is a lofty goal, a really REALLY tough lofty goal.  A brief passing thought often pushed to the side when it comes to actually preparing for it properly.  To get to the top of this stellar field of competitors can take a few years of preparation.   There is nothing magical about being the best you can be, it just takes a little planning, a LOT of commitment and consistency, and many days of sticking to the plan when you just don’t want to do it! .. then sucking it up on race day and giving  your absolute best no matter what the day throws at you.  So…what are you doing today?



About Cambridge Multi-sport

Our Vision: We envision a community improving their lives through physical fitness. Our Mission: The mission of CMS is to help members, regardless of fitness level, accomplish their personal athletic goals in the sports of swimming, cycling, and/or running. Our Values: Safe participation in any or all of the three disciplines. Setting and achieving personal fitness goals. Competition as a positive motivational force. An atmosphere of encouragement. Diversity of ability, background and perspective in our membership. Stewardship of the environment and infrastructure where we train.
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