About Us

Cambridge Multi-Sport (CMS) is a group located in Cambridge, MD on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Our members span a wide range of interests centered on swimming, biking, and running including triathlons.

All abilities are encouraged to join in the fun! CMS is represented by a diverse group of individuals from beginners to seasoned triathletes and everything in between. We invite you to join us at our next workout or contact a coach to learn more.

CMS has its roots in the group training activities of triathletes in our area, especially as Cambridge MD plays host to the Ironman 70.3 EagleMan triathlon hosted in June of each year and Ironman MD in the fall.  It has embraced the diversity of athletes that seek out individual goals and a fun group support network.


Volunteering is a big part of our club. Here are links to volunteer for our three flagship events in 2016:

Ironman 70.3 Eagleman
Firecracker Kids Tri
Ironman Maryland


We envision a community of individuals improving their lives through physical fitness.


The mission of CMS is to help members, regardless of fitness level, accomplish their personal athletic goals in the sports of swimming, cycling, and running.


Safe participation in any or all of the three disciplines.
Setting and achieving personal fitness goals.
Competition as a positive motivational force.
An atmosphere of encouragement.
Diversity of ability, background, and perspective in our membership.
Stewardship of the environment and infrastructure where we train.

2016 Board of Directors

President: Michael Keene
Treasurer: Jim Laverty
Secretary: William Hagy
Members at large: Sara Lettelleir, Mikaela Boley
Past President: Sam Maccherola

2016 Committees

Social/Events: TBD
Races and Competition: Jason Chance
Public Relations:  Katie Clendaniel and Tina Ryan
Sponsorship: TBD
Scholarship:  Rob Davis
Merchandising: TBD
Coaching and Training: Dave Loewensteiner 

11 Responses to About Us

  1. Laurie McKamey says:

    HI, I am a new member (did my first swim last week) haven’t done a run yet. The swimming was great and I look forward to the runs and biking. A little about myself, I grew up in Annapolis, married Military. We just moved to Cambridge (husband just retired). I have completed 2 sprint Triathlons (would have been 3 but broke my foot the day prior). Looking forward to meeting new people and having fun while training!

  2. Kiley Shipp says:

    I’m training for ironman Maryland and would love to come swim with you guys on Sunday morning!! I know there is a waiver and fee. Can I come play tomorrow morning??

  3. Michele Potter says:

    I’m back! I’m looking to spending more time and training with a group for IMMD:-)

  4. Jessica Santora says:

    Do you have beginners in the club? I am an avid runner, and ride my bike for fun. Wanted to join a group to start training…
    I am a teacher and live in Easton:)


    • Hi Jessica,

      Sorry for the delay. Yes, we have many beginners and people of all ability in our club. We have a no-drop bike ride on Monday nights that is perfect for beginners and our group runs have people of all speed and ability. We would love to have you join us!

  5. Brandon says:

    I’m looking to join CMS this summer when I move down in May. Do you all do weekly training rides or OWS? I’ll be living in Salisbury.

    • Hi Brandon,

      Yes, we do two weekly training rides on Monday and Tuesday evenings (check out “workouts” page for more info). We have our Masters swim on Wednesday evenings, which we move outdoors and into the river in May and June (before the jellyfish arrive).


  6. Michele Potter says:

    Very nice!

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